Apple recently had the grand unveiling of the new iPhone. The excitement that’s been generated by these new releases is incredible, yet completely expected, I mean it is Apple we’re talking about. The company that has people queuing outside flagship stores 2 weeks before a release of a new product. With all the buzz about, I of course phoned my service provider and looked into when I was due an upgrade, my mouth watering at the prospect of a shiny new iPhone. Hanging up the phone satisfied with my upgrade potential, and already Googling the latest cases for protecting my potential new phone, I came across an article announcing the largest ever SD card to date, a mammoth 512GB! Granted that it’s not a Micro SD card, but it’s the start of something. If SanDisk are making SD cards with a punch that powerful, it won’t be long until the smaller version of it will be making waves. There’s already a 128GB version knocking about.

I don’t know about you, but this really makes my new phone buying choice a lot harder. As a current iPhone user, I’m aware of all the pro’s of iPhones, the way they ‘just work’, the sleek design, clever user interface, the programs that work in harmony with my Macbook, iPad, Apple TV etc… I’m also fully aware that the single most annoying thing about my iPhone, is it’s lousy excuse for memory a meager 16GB! This is OK for the first month or so whilst you’re using your new phone to its full ability, but after a while you get that dreaded notification (no not that you’re ex is in a relationship) “Insufficient memory, unable to take photo”.



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