Penalties for PCI DSS Violations It is better to understand that what might happen if PCI DSS requirements are violated. A business that is not PCI Compliant is most likely to pay fines, sanction and is likely to end up losing his rights from processing credit card information. If being non compliant results in data loss; then the business is likely to pay higher fines and some additional huge fines from the credit card brands and banks. Businesses not being PCI Compliant might subject to lawsuits and governmental actions for not being able to protect customer data.

To know whether a PayPal user has to be PCI Compliant, first we should know, from where did the PCI DSS Compliance term initiated. PCI DSS Compliance is a number of requirements set up by major card brands to make the payment card data more secure and free from breaches, as well as to make the transaction process free from any trouble.

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